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How to Backup iPhone Data?

learning to backup iPhone data

Your iPhone has probably become the base upon which your digital life is built—your email accounts, contacts, card details, mobile banking access, your automatic access to your social media accounts, precious photos, and great videos. It is indeed essential to learn how to backup iPhone data, mainly because mobile phones are prone to get stolen, … Continued

How To Fix An Iphone That Won’t Charge

iphone repairs 1

If your iPhone won’t charge, there is no need to panic. Many users have faced this problem and there are lots of solutions that you might try at home. Most probably, the reason for it is not a broken or dead phone battery. So keep reading those phone-fix tips and test them, step-by-step, making sure … Continued

Apple And Samsung Fined For Deliberately Slowing Down Phones

Samsung and apple

Are you an Apple or Samsung user? Is your phone slowing down and turning unresponsive? You might not be the only one experiencing this problem on your phone in December 2018 a lot of people starting complaining that their phones are slowing down, and they are not getting the adequate performance from their phones.   … Continued

Owners Use Freezers To Fix Surface Pro 4 Screen Issues

microsoft surface pro 4

We have heard in the recent days some Microsoft Surface Pro 4 users coming out with complaints about the screens of their tablets flickering. The problem has been constant for more than almost a year now and it has been greatly exhibited in different Microsoft forums. People encountering the problem seem to fall into fears … Continued

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus no network FIX and repair

iPhone Repair - No Network

Common iPhone 6 plus & iPhone 6 no network problems Today we will be describing another common issue that we have plenty of experience with and are always happy to help should your iPhone need it. If you are experiencing one of the below you might be a victim too and would require your iPhone … Continued

The Famed Nokia 3310 Is Making a Comeback

nokia 3310

The majority who owned GSM handsets back in the early days of mobile phones are anticipating the return of a well-loved unit – the Nokia 3310. Known by many as nearly indestructible, the phone didn’t have any difficulty (and much competition) coming into global fame. It’ is still widely acclaimed and is factually considered as … Continued

Liquid Damaged Phone Guide

OZ Phone Repairs - inside phone

So you accidentally wet your phone, right? All the data inside, photos from a holiday, newborn pics, and all your contacts might be in jeopardy. Now you’re thinking about what you need to do. Can you still use it, should you put it in a bowl of rice or place it in a dryer inside … Continued

Professional Mobile Phone Services Benefits

OZ Phone Repairs - Repairing phone

A trusted repair shop such as OzPhoneRepairs always hires competent and expert technicians who understand the best methods in repairing all phone models. Additionally, a professional and well trained technician can fix your gadget within the time bound and without sacrificing the quality repairs. Moreover, they can fix your mobile phone without damaging other parts … Continued

Standard Phone Issues

OZ Phone Repairs - Battery sign

Standard Mobile Phone Problems & Issues Are you having trouble with your mobile phone? Try some of our the troubleshooting tips below as they are some of the most common and basic issues you can have: In cases that your phone may not open, your battery may be out of charge. All you need to … Continued