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Oz Phone Repairs now available in 3 locations of Sydney

  1. Inner West, Lower NorthShore or Call 0423 732 494
  2. St.George and Sutherland or Call 0449 199 738
  3. Cabramatta or Call 0449 199 738
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    Proudly Fixing your Phones and Tablets Since 2001 -
    The Best Prices in Town!


    We fix your device on the spot or have them dropped off once fixed at our premises with the fastest possible turnaround & at no extra charge.


    Fastest possible turnaround time. Free, express return postage. Most repairs sent out the same day. Get a quote online and SAVE on your next repair.

    School Program

    iPads, MacBooks, Laptops, Tablets, and more. No matter what device your school uses we can fix it and have it back to you fast. SPECIAL OFFERS AVAIALABLE!


    With 15 years of experience and over 40,000 devices repaired, we are the fastest and most reliable in Oz. Offering services suited towards your company’s needs.


    Whether you broke your touch screen or display, we will have your device fixed in no time. Using only the highest quality of parts on the market your device will look just as new as before. Choose quality over quantity with repairers you can trust.

    Daily we receive customers who went to our competitors first, but after finding they could not fix it brought their device to us. It is no wonder this happens so often when we have over 15 years of experience fixing electronics and are No. 1 in Sydney when it comes to fixing liquid damage. With more than a 70% success rate if it can be fixed, we will fix it!

    In need of your phone to be unlocked? Then we are the right guys to do it! Whether you are going on an overseas trip or are just visiting Oz we can help. When your phone’s sim card is not working contact us and we will help you. Sometimes we do not even need your phone to unlock it. All major brands such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, and so on are welcome.

    Does your phone not turn on? Is all of your important information lost? Already took it to your local repairer, but they could not fix it? All of these are sound familiar to us. Do not give up hope, we specialise in repairs just like these! Plus we will try to fix your phone so that you can have your personal data back. With our No Fix No Fee policy there’s no risk. Now that’s worth trying!

    Why Oz Phone Repairs

    More than 40,000 devices repaired by our specialised technicians since 2001

    No matter what is wrong with your phone, if it can be fixed we will fix it! Do not fall for inexperienced technicians with questionable ethics. At Oz Phone Repairs you can be assured that the repair of your device will be handled professionally. NO FIX --- NO CHARGE

    Take full advantage of our prices and SAVE BIG on your repair! There is no reason to pay more for less, we believe in FAIR pricing while still providing the highest quality of service. There is no reason to pay more than you need to, get a Quote and be pleasantly surprised!

    When fixing your device we believe that a genuine approach is important. The goal is to have your device fixed painlessly, and with the least amount of disruption to your normal life, as possible. If you are not happy then neither are we. Call us and get your device fixed today!

    While you may not have heard of us, we have been fixing phones since 2001. Both for authorized and unauthorized repair centres who could not fix them themselves. Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, LG, Blackberry, Motorola, Asus… WE CAN FIX THEM ALL!

    All of the parts and most repairs come with a 1 year warranty because we are that confident in our service. The parts we use are all of the highest quality and we always run a series of checks to ensure that your device works as good as new.

    Oz Phone Repairs offers same day turnaround time with FREE, EXPRESS return postage if the device is received before 12 am, on most repairs. Get a Quote and follow the simple process of sending your device for repair. It is that SIMPLE!

    express oz phone repairs

    On-Site Repairs With Pickups and Drop-offs

    Have you ever wondered what is inside of your phone? Thanks to our experienced Oz Phone Repair technicians you may be able to see for yourself.

    Although it is not always possible to fix your phone on-site due to the complexity of the actual repair, there are minor faults which can be fixed while you wait or look over the technician’s shoulder. All of our repairmen are happy to answer your questions and never mind you watching as they work.

    To check if your phone can be fixed on-site please check with our instance quote tool.

    For repairs that cannot be made on-site we are more than happy to PICKUP your device, FIX IT at our facility, and have it DROPPED off with you. Most of the time this can be done the same day within a few hours.

    phone repairs

    Mail in Repairs

    To mail your phone or tablet to us just use our Instant Quote Tool. If you are happy with the quote choose the Mail In option.

    It does not matter how far you are, we can have your phone fixed in no-time! Plus we will ship it back to the same day it gets fixed by Express Post for free.

    We can also offer same day couriers if needed

    Highest quality repair with our fastest turnaround time guaranteed.

    For more than 14 years we have been fixing device, so you can be assured your phone will be repaired professionally.