What To Look For When Buying A New Phone

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A Round-Up: 5 Best-Selling Smartphones For 2019

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How to Backup iPhone Data?

Your iPhone has probably become the base upon which your digital life is built—your email accounts, contacts, card details, mobile banking access, your automatic access to your social media accounts, precious photos, and great videos. It is indeed essential to learn how to backup iPhone data, mainly because mobile phones are prone to get stolen, … Continued

How To Fix An Iphone That Won’t Charge

If your iPhone won’t charge, there is no need to panic. Many users have faced this problem and there are lots of solutions that you might try at home. Most probably, the reason for it is not a broken or dead phone battery. So keep reading those phone-fix tips and test them, step-by-step, making sure … Continued

Apple And Samsung Fined For Deliberately Slowing Down Phones

Are you an Apple or Samsung user? Is your phone slowing down and turning unresponsive? You might not be the only one experiencing this problem on your phone in December 2018 a lot of people starting complaining that their phones are slowing down, and they are not getting the adequate performance from their phones.   … Continued

Owners Use Freezers To Fix Surface Pro 4 Screen Issues

We have heard in the recent days some Microsoft Surface Pro 4 users coming out with complaints about the screens of their tablets flickering. The problem has been constant for more than almost a year now and it has been greatly exhibited in different Microsoft forums. People encountering the problem seem to fall into fears … Continued

Cost Detail To Replace Screen On Microsoft Surface

With all the latest advancements in the field of technology, almost everyone is now capable of owning a smartphone or a mobile gadget. The truth is that this kind of device has become indispensable in the lives of many individuals. A lot of people use it for work or business, and even for entertainment purposes. … Continued

Upgrade to iOS 11.3 Easily With Original iPhone Screen

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Can iPhone X easily shatter?

There is no doubt that iPhone X has lots of unique features that we need to talk about. Just like the latest iPhone models (iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus), it has an all-glass body. This feature means that the phone can be charged through a wireless method. As expected, you can only enjoy such … Continued

Soon You Won’t be Able to Use Your iPhone While driving

Irresponsible use of mobile phones behind the wheel is the number one factor that has resulted in numerous accident deaths all year round. Distracted driving an is national, if not an international safety crisis. New iOS feature With the new iOS 11 feature, Apple is going to get involved anytime you are behind the wheel. … Continued