The Famed Nokia 3310 Is Making a Comeback

The majority who owned GSM handsets back in the early days of mobile phones are anticipating the return of a well-loved unit – the Nokia 3310. Known by many as nearly indestructible, the phone didn’t have any difficulty (and much competition) coming into global fame. It’ is still widely acclaimed and is factually considered as one of the most successful phones to be sold.

Aside from possessing rare features at the time of its first launch, its resilience contributed a lot to its popularity. It is expected to be reborn later this month.

The Early 2000s Is Making a Comeback, and the Nokia 3310 Is in the Lead!

nokia 3310The year 2000 marked the beginning of the Nokia 3310’s legendary mobile domination. That same year would later on bring forth more progressive smartphone technology.

The Nokia 3310’s success paved the way for the appearance of more high-tech phones like the iPhone, which so bedazzled users with more appealing apps, features, and a newer, more attractive appearance, which then sparked the death of the GSM standard.

Plenty of users who now own advanced and trending smartphones look back on the days of the 3310 with wistfulness and undeniable nostalgia. After all, that phone is all about simplicity, reliability, and resiliency. Users used to enjoy not having to charge the 3310 in a couple of days or more.

There were just four games available, which were simple yet highly engaging. Best of all, there was no fear of dropping the 3310 to the ground. This phone was really popular that there are some users who have held onto their units even until now, never mind that the phone’s age is already 17 this year.

That is why it is wonderful for the millions who enjoyed the 3310 in its prime to know that the Mobile World Congress is hosting HMD Global’s relaunch of “the most reliable phone in mobile history.” The reincarnation of the phone will be sold for $59, along with its other mobile predecessors. Many who fondly remembers the 3310 are definitely excited about this turn of events.

Resilience Does Not Mean Immunity

The relaunch continues to gain publicity and is, in fact, getting very good reception. Undoubtedly, this is because the 3310 has established such renown for providing long-lasting performance and resistance against degradation. It has achieved cult status and many people are hyped up to get their hands on the unit in the 21st century.

Following the years after Nokia failed to bring their brand into the smartphone era, several online communities came together to publicize the phone’s indestructibility in humorous exaggeration to the younger market. Videos showcasing the phone being put through numerous damage tests, including being dropped from great heights and being crushed by heavy objects have been the subject of awe and entertainment by many. A lot of these videos also feature the phone proving its durability record.

More videos have stepped up the intensity of these tests, with the most popular one showing the phone being crushed under a heated hydraulic press. While that situation would normally reap the most obvious result – nothing is impossibly indestructible under heated pressure – it would still serve as a reminder that the phone’s durability compared to present-day smartphones is impressive, but not totally immune to damage.

We Got Your Back

We here at Oz Phone Repairs are very much awaiting the relaunch of this legendary phone as much as any fan, and we are expecting great things from it. As indestructible as it is, though, this handset is not totally impervious to dangers. In the event that it does malfunction or requires repair, are ready to help! In fact, we are kind of looking forward to fixing the relaunched 3310.

The powerful Nokia 3310 may have served you well for the past decade or so, but not everything is ultimately resistant to damage over time. Potential damage may be caused by water. The casing and construction will provide protection, but just in case moisture seeps to the inside of the phone and it breaks down, we can provide assistance.

Our team have studied the many ways to address a wide variety of phone problems for over 16 years now, and we look forward to offering our professional help if ever certain kinds of problems can’t be fixed by yourself right away. Whether you need help with the 3310 or any modern smartphone, simply give us a call and we will be more than happy to provide the right solutions!