Apple And Samsung Fined For Deliberately Slowing Down Phones

Are you an Apple or Samsung user? Is your phone slowing down and turning unresponsive? You might not be the only one experiencing this problem on your phone in December 2018 a lot of people starting complaining that their phones are slowing down, and they are not getting the adequate performance from their phones.


An Update or A Risk?


After opening the certain applications the phone becomes unresponsive. After receiving several complaints an investigation was launched in the month of January by the nation’s competition authority and after they investigated into the matter they found that certain updates that were launched on the phones of the users by Apple and Samsung the phone start slowing down.


Samsung and apple


First time in the History of technology Apple and Samsung fined for deliberately slowing down phones. This ruling has increased the faith of people in authorities and it’s also a lesson for the phone manufacturers as earlier they had never faced any such ruling from authorities. Not only this, Apple and Samsung fined for deliberately slowing down phones for an amount of €10m and €5m respectively.


Is It A Strategy By Samsung And Apple? 


Speculation says, that the new updates were intentionally released by these companies so that people can stop using their old phones and start purchasing new ones. This has led to bad publicity for both the companies, even the customer’s are now looking for other options in the market with many other brands in Picture, like Oneplus, MI, Honor, Nokia and blackberry, this could be a breaking stone for the monopoly these companies hold in the market. This verdict was released in Italy and stating that this a “planned obsolescence” and the companies did it deliberately.


This further triggered an alarm for other electronic manufacturers and if in future any such incidence will come into the picture, the chances are high that the ruling can go against the manufacturing firms.


In the past several such reports have been filed against different manufacturing firms but this has been the first incidence where an authority actually looked into the matter and took action. From now on, people need to keep a close check on the updates that they will be installing on their phones and the updates which will be automatically installed. Checking what this update was for? Will certainly help the user’s to stay in charge of their phones and make sure no unauthorized file get installed on the phone.


Fine For Slow Phones


After Apple and Samsung fined for deliberately slowing down phones, Apple acknowledged stating that there were some updates for the battery that were released to maintain the lifespan of the lithium battery. Both Samsung and Apple were fined with an amount of €5m. But Apple-faced an additional fine of €5m adding it up to €10m since it failed to provide the essential information about the battery, it’s life expectancy, maintain the battery health. The company is still getting questioned in France and USA. The French authorities hold the power to impose 5% fine of annual turn over and imprisonment.


On the other hand, Samsung denied the charges stating that they did not release any such updates for their users.