If your Blackberry device, either mobile phone or tablet, has been severely damaged or is malfunctioning then you might think the answer is to replace it with a brand new one. Instead of adopting such an expensive solution, would it not be a better idea to have your device checked first? However, Blackberry repairs cannot be handled by just anybody. Where could you find a professional technician for your blackberry repair?

Blackberry repairsWhen it comes to repairing mobile devices, we at Oz Phone Repairs are your best solution. As authorized service providers, we are able to fix both Blackberry phones and tablets. If your screen is cracked, the LCD is not working, the display or touch screen do not respond, there is liquid damage, you need data recovered, your device needs to be unlocked, or you are experiencing any other software or hardware issue, we can fix it!

The cost of Blackberry repairs depends on both the type of parts needed and the device’s model. Additionally, it will depend on what type of fix needs to be made. Our No Fix No Fee policy means that you never have any obligation towards us if we return your device without having fixed it. Use our free quote tool today and find out how competitive our prices are.

Repairs are available onsite, and for both pickup and drop-off arrangements for any location within Sydney. Plus, we offer free postage delivery of fixed devices that are mailed in to us from within or outside Sydney. Let us know what you need and we will get back to you with a solution!