Liquid Damaged Phone Guide

liquid damaged phonesSo you accidentally wet your phone, right?

All the data inside, photos from a holiday, newborn pics, and all your contacts might be in jeopardy. Now you’re thinking about what you need to do. Can you still use it, should you put it in a bowl of rice or place it in a dryer inside a sock? Hopefully this simple guide based on our 15 years of experience of fixing liquid damaged phones will shed some light and help you in making the right decisions.

We have seen it all – liquid damage by sweat, toilet water, salt water, fresh water, left in a washing machine, dropped in a soup, beer, wine, chocolate, answering a phone while in a shower, and many more you can think of. We have seen it all.

Let’s get into it! But before we really start, let’s just get slightly technical and summarize a little bit.

Why can liquid kill my phone?

For those who don’t know, almost all liquids are conductive (some less and some more) and that is a big NO-NO in conjunction with electricity.

Why is salt water worse than fresh water?

Interestingly enough, pure water doesn’t really conduct that well, but salt water (thanks to sodium and chlorine ions) does. This is why you usually have less chance of getting your phone fixed if you went swimming with it in the sea rather than a lake.

If it is not the water that kills it, then what is?

Water doesn’t really do much damage to a phone that is without power. It is only when it meets with electricity does the rodeo of molecules begin. Corrosion, short circuits, liquid residue; it can all happen extremely fast and that’s why it is important to give your phone the best chance to get it working again.

20160315_101829_resizedOK. Here is the super simple generic guide:

  1. If your phone still works, switch it OFF and do not use it. If the battery can be removed, do so. The first few seconds are the most important ones. If it doesn’t work anymore, just simply switch it off.
  1. Depending on how much water infiltrated the insides and how risky the approach you’d like to take, you can do one of the following:
  • The more responsible of us should seek a credible repair center ASAP. Are you too far away and know how to open your phone up? Do so and remove the battery. You can find a repair center in your convenient time.
  • Absorbant cloth and bowl of rice, yum! We all know that rice attracts water. Leaving your phone overnight in a bowl of rice will suck the water out of your phone but it WILL NOT repair any damage already caused. If you have no other option, this method is worth trying for sure.
  • No repair center? No rice? No other options? Maybe you can try submerging your phone in pure alcohol (Isopropyl Alcohol) for a few hours and then let it dry completely. Pure alcohol does not leave any conductive residue behind like water does.


Do not EVER charge or connect your liquid damaged phone to a power source. Not only can this cause more damage to your phone but it can also become dangerous especially when using aftermarket chargers.

Do not dry it with a hairdryer or any other heat source. Why? When liquid evaporates and is heated up, it leaves more damage behind. This method is therefore NOT recommended.

And most importantly DO NOT GIVE UP. You would be surprised at what can be fixed if it is done the right way.


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