One of the first flagship phones of Google is the Google pixel. This was released last October 20, 2016. It has three available colors;  the Really blue, the Very Silver and the Quite Black. It features 5 inches AMOLED display and comes with a 32 or 128 GB storage. If you are having any problem with your device, you can trust Oz Phone Repairs to fix any fault in them. Among them are below:

  •         Audio distortiongoogle pixel
  •         Pixel shutting off
  •         Bluetooth shutting off
  •         Screen needs replacement

We have professional technicians who are highly trained and well-equipped to repair any brand of phone, and tablet  and various model of phone. If your phone is impossible to repair, we will inform you immediately so that you have no further expectations for repair.


With more than 15 years of service, we can assure our customers a best repair service in the city. So, when it comes to Google Pixel Repairs including Google Pixel XL or any mobile phone repairs, you can contact us anytime at Oz Phone Repair shop.