We offer HTC repairs on various models including HTC Desire 200, HTC Desire C, HTC One Mini, HTC One, HTC One M8 and HTC One M9. You can send to us you phone and we will get it fixed. You may also want to drop in our service repair shop or have us service you onsite in Sydney.


If you need any of these repair services, get a free quotation online or call us anytime.HTC Repairs Cracked screen: If only cracks on the glass of your tablet or phone are noticed and the entire image underneath it appears good, the touchscreen might have been damaged. With this, we can easily repair the handsets’ screen.

Cracked LCD: Have you noticed any distorted colored lines to the display or even worst the unreadable lines? This might require a replacement of the damaged LCD screen.

Battery Issues: Are you constantly in need to recharge your mobile phone? This might indicate a need for battery replacement. The defective battery will cause poor performance to your mobile phone. We offer a range of quality batteries for your HTC mobile phones.

Liquid Damage: Did you accidentally drop your device on the water? We are your reliable water damage repair specialist with the remarkable success rate of repairing the said issue.

Connectivity: You might need help with your HTC device which is not getting reception. Your signal is fluctuating or you cannot totally make any call. With this, a faulty antenna might be an issue. Let our technician check for any software or hardware problem related to this.

So, if your HTC phone needs unlocking, tablet is damaged, needs data recovery, not responding, broken and has any other hardware or software related- problems, our HTC – accredited repair technicians can deal with the mentioned issues.