Owners Use Freezers To Fix Surface Pro 4 Screen Issues

We have heard in the recent days some Microsoft Surface Pro 4 users coming out with complaints about the screens of their tablets flickering. The problem has been constant for more than almost a year now and it has been greatly exhibited in different Microsoft forums. People encountering the problem seem to fall into fears since a majority of their devices are at that time out of warranty. Many websites have reported a large number of Surface Pro 4 owners encountering this problem. Learn more about this issue.

microsoft surface pro 4


Understanding The Problem 


This problem seems like an issue of the hardware that develops after the device has heated up to certain levels during use. Sources close to Microsoft have also said they have heard about this issue and they are looking closely into it to find ways to come up with a permanent solution. People who have encountered the problem are advised to contact the Microsoft support team immediately for the same.


But then as any problem arises, normally people are fast at finding ways that could bring a solution. Surface Pro 4 owners have fast cooked a way that solves this problem temporarily. What they have just come up with is freezing their tablets for some time after the behaviour has started and indeed the problem seems to be solved but it is not a permanent solution. As what is said by some who have tried this, freezing of about ten minutes is done and the tablet will get better to be used for up to half an hour. There are other Surface Pro 4 owners who have gone to an extent to prove this technique to be working by posting videos for the same.


Best Way To Deal With The Problem 


Experts have predicted this might be a problem with the Surface Pro 4 hardware and indeed a problem like this isn’t possible to be fixed with a software update. But then the problem doesn’t affect so many people, just less than one per cent of owners of Surface Pro 4 owners are currently affected.


Microsoft just insists Surface Pro 4 owners to immediately contact them when the problem arises but then it turns to be a difficult issue as most of the devices develop the problem when they are out of warranty. We have heard some users have even gone to an extent of incurring costs of up to $ 800 just for an out-of-warranty exchange in order for Microsoft to fix the hardware issue. This is a huge amount for phone repairs.


Many groups have come out to regard that Surface Pro’s are usually priced and marketed as premium devices and therefore it is the mandate of Microsoft to respond accordingly to this issue by acknowledging the problem and stand out to offer a solution with immediate effect. If it has been found to be problems arising with the hardware then the affected devices should be recalled by Microsoft.


This is a notorious problem to be fixed considering the Surface Pro range. So the only way to go is talking about replacements and nothing else than that. Take note of this today.