Upgrade to iOS 11.3 Easily With Original iPhone Screen

Updating software is just one of the many routine practices that most iPhone users do. Upgrading to iOS 11.3 gives you access to lots of new features. As much as it may sound as a normal thing, it is not always smooth sailing, at least for most iPhone owners. There are many bottlenecks associated with the process, especially if your iPhone has undergone some repairs. One of the problems is the display feature.

iPhone Upgrade iOS 11.3

If you had a non-original touch or what many refer to as a Chinese copy, the display functionality of your phone would not work after the upgrade. This is because the touch driver of a non-original copy is not compatible with the upgraded operating system.

Original iPhone Screen RepairAlthough you may blame the fake copies for the problem, the main source of this whole issue is the person who repaired or replaced your screen. Most unscrupulous dealers are out to make a profit and don’t mind using cheaper Chinese copies to solve the display issue affecting your iPhone. There are very few repair companies in Australia that have original screens.

Instead of wasting your time and risking your phone by taking it to cheap dealers, let us solve the problem for you. We are a genuine iPhone repair shop that deals with original refurbished and OEM quality displays.

We are fully aware of the effects of using fake products, and we don’t want to see our customers suffering.

Although the counterfeit copies offer temporary solutions, you are likely to suffer in the long run. You may only use them if you opt not to upgrade to iOS 11.3. However, since upgrading your OS is almost mandatory, you have no other option but to do so. Even if you have an issue with your screen and you would want to upgrade the OS, we make the process less stressful for you.

Retain Your Data

In order to prevent the phone from detecting a fake screen, most repair shops opt to erase all the data on your iPhone. This means that you may end up losing everything that you had stored. With us, you won’t go through this. We can do a complete screen replacement without having to touch your data. This is possible because we use original refurbished and OEM quality screens, hence there’s no need of trying to cheat the software or use any other underhand techniques.

Fast and Efficient

Another thing that makes us unique is the quality of our service. If you come to us with the goal of replacing an OEM, we will handle the task within a few minutes. This is possible because we already have quality, original refurbished and OEM quality displays. We won’t waste time trying to source for them from somewhere else. This is unlike most other shops that will take you through circles and still end up giving you Chinese OEM.

Retain the Functionality

If you make a replacement with the fake screen, you will lose some of the critical functionalities of the phone, including the front camera since it is tied to the screen. With our original refurbished and OEM quality displays, all the features will be retained. Save yourself from all the hassles that come with using fake iPhone screens.

iPhone repair - Original vs fake screens

With OZ Phone Repairs, you will upgrade to iOS 11.3 without having to worry about the problems that are associated with the process.