iphone screen repairsBreaking your iPhone’s screen can feel like the end of your phone. No typing, no listening to music, no navigation and no tapping will definitely demoralize you. The thought of going back to the store to buy a new phone will make your head go round. The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about the problem any longer. Our iPhone Screen Repair service will fix the problem in minutes.

Instant repair 

Our iPhone Screen Repair service offers instant repair. We don’t have to go with your phone to our store to repair it. We normally repair phones on the spot. We understand that your time is precious. We don’t want to make you anxious or wait a little longer. We come to your home, office or a local coffee shop and repair your phone on the spot.


We are so sure of our services and parts we use that we are happy to offer  you 6 months warranty. Should our part malfunction or your phone shows the same fault we fixed it for we are willing to compensate you. You have absolutely nothing to lose. 14 years of experience in mobile phone electronics is your guarantee.

Quality screens

We have been fixing your phones since 2001. We only use the best possible quality parts to fix yours iPhone screens at competitive prices. Contacting us will mean long life for your iPhone screen and friendly spending.