Standard Phone Issues

  • In cases that your phone may not open, your battery may be out of charge. All you need to do is fully plug in the charger….There should be an icon appear that means your phone is charging. If no indication, try another outlet or replace your charger. After this steps and your phone is still not charging, find a reliable technician to check your phone.
  • If your phone accidentally got soaked in water, isolate the battery. Let it dry naturally or use a hairdryer. When the phone and battery are thoroughly dry, try to find corrosion or rust and wipe it off. You can now attach the battery. If it doesn’t work try a new battery. After replacing with a new battery and it still does not work, send it to a professional technician.
  • If the phone is not ringing, has low volume, the screen is too dim, and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is not working properly, you can try to adjust or turn on the settings. If it still does not work, try to restart your phone.  Then try to check the settings once again.
  • Need a screen replacement? In this case, you need to go directly to a mobile phone repair shop. Only a well-trained and well-experienced technician of an authorized repair center can do the screen replacement. Don’t attempt to do it by yourself if you have no knowledge, training and appropriate tools that you need to repair your phone.

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