Microsoft Surface Repairs – Easy or not?

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with surface pen

Microsoft Surface is both a portable and convenient tablet computer that has turned around our computing needs. It was launched together with Windows 8 and has a hardware tie-in. It features a molded magnesium case called VaporMg which is a blend of particle deposition and moulding technique. This gives it a perfect exterior finish making it look stylish. This ultra-thin notebook also comes with an optional magnetically attached keyboard. Its motherboard apparently spreads all through the entire chassis and is confined below the infrared sensor and the front-facing camera. RAM and chips are all soldered to the motherboard. Batteries and base cover are heavily glued. However, despite having all these cutting-edge features, this device is not immune to breaking. Often, it will encounter problems including cracked screens, broken charging ports, malfunctioning buttons, and water damage among other software and hardware issues.

Repairing Damaged Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface repair - laptop openedMicrosoft Surface Repair can be very challenging right from opening the device to diagnosing the problem. In fact, it is easy to worsen the problem instead of resolving. Microsoft made this hybrid tablet quite overwhelming to dismantle as everything is permanently glued, soldered and taped. The device doesn’t have any external screws. It is very arduous to assemble the entire device once opened. Therefore, accessing the internal components of this device can mean tearing it down and damaging. In fact, remote repair for this device can prove to be nearly impossible. Serviceability for Microsoft Surface requires specialized knowledge, skills and prying tools more than any other machine.

Despite how baffling it can be to repair a damaged, it doesn’t mean that you should dispose of your device if it breaks. OZ Phone Repairs is your trusted repair specialist and will help you restore your machine to its initial working state. Although repair costs vary depending on the type and extent of damage, you are assured of quality service and budget-friendly repair rates. You can request for a free estimate for your Microsoft Surface device now.

Alongside the clean and quality work, you are guaranteed:

• Fast turnaround service with no stressful wait times. You can drop off your device and pick it later in the day fully repaired. If you send it for repair, then be sure to get it in at least three days.

• Limited lifetime warranty. In case your device malfunctions or misbehaves after repair, then you can have fixed for free.

• Only genuine and high-quality repairs and replacement parts. The use of substandard parts can pose serious functionality problems to your device.

• Complete repair service. Whether it is a screen that needs replacement, a damaged battery, charging port not working, faulty cooling system or unresponsive keyboard, you can have them fixed professionally. All minor and major internal and external malfunctions will be fixed.

• Expert service from specially trained technicians regardless of how small or big the problem might be. With a combination of vanguard troubleshooting tools and proficient repair skills, be sure to enjoy quality services.

We all know how inconveniencing it is to have a broken device. Microsoft Surface has a repeatability score of 1 out of 10. However, with a trusted repair service there is no need to feel stuck or disconnected. Interested in the cost? Read our Microsoft Surface blog or get in touch. Have your device fixed today by OZ Phone Repairs today.