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Want your iPhone battery replaced as soon as possible? Oz Phone Repairs specializes in screen replacement, phone screen repair, data restoration, unlocking of mobile phones and other gadget repairs, including tablets. Since 2001, we have made sure that we provide quality and successful service in Sydney, NSW. We train technicians to handle all major repairs. We offer a program for school and corporate accounts. We also prioritize emergency booking for iPhone repair in St. Ives.

  • On-site St Ives phone repairs in Sydney available
  • Specializes in crack screens, liquid-damage, and locked phones
  • No Fee for Not Fixed gadgets and devices!

St Ives is close to Gordon, situated about 18km north of the Sydney central business district.

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Cracked screen? Not charging? Can’t hear anything? Liquid damage? No back light? No matter what problem you’re facing, if it can be fixed, Oz Phone Repairs will fix it in no time and for an affordable price.