Soon You Won’t be Able to Use Your iPhone While driving

Irresponsible use of mobile phones behind the wheel is the number one factor that has resulted in numerous accident deaths all year round. Distracted driving an is national, if not an international safety crisis.

OZ Phone Repairs - iPhone while driving

New iOS feature

With the new iOS 11 feature, Apple is going to get involved anytime you are behind the wheel. Surprisingly enough, the new iOS 11 senses when you are diving and quickly prevents and disables all notifications. Well, this is absolutely brilliant! The feature will restrict owners from receiving all calls and messages while letting them know that they’re occupied by a simple automated ‘ I’m driving right now and will get back to you when I get where I’m going’ message.

When Apple finally releases the iOS 11, the new feature will prompt all owners to activate the new ‘do not disturb while driving mode’ on their iPhones. However, if the user forgets or ignores to turn it on, thanks to the motion sensors, the iPhone can quickly determine if it’s within a moving vehicle. It will be tough for someone driving to try to unlock the phone purposefully. Nonetheless, if you are just a passenger, you can easily unlock the phone without strife.

OZ Phone Repairs - Do not disturb while driving - IOS11

No More Temptations

The general idea of this technology is to remove all temptations of the young generation to check their phones while driving continually. Most road safety advocates and police support the new feature by stating that it will be useful in preventing accidents by reducing all chances of drivers getting distracted when driving. Nevertheless, the system will still enable other functions such as USB or Bluetooth.

Ideally, the new feature does not prevent alerts or texts on a moving vehicle; it simply offers a solution to clamp all distractions when driving. The phone itself doesn’t completely lock down, the CarPlay feature will still work in addition to other routing software such as the navigation assistance.

The fact that it’s going to be difficult to bypass the feature makes it more significant. More so, parents can activate the ‘Do not Disturb While Driving’ function on their teen’s phones by enabling the parental controls.

How do you see this form your point of you? Should developers take such measures to stop people when driving? You be the judge

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