Microsoft Surface Repair Services

The Microsoft Surface is widely considered Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s MacBook. And for most part, this is true. The laptop has a premium design, feel, and features.

Microsoft Surface Tablet on a table

Premium All the Way

The company is actually quite proud of what it has accomplished with this gadget, which runs on Windows 10. Microsoft Surface has a premium look, thanks to a high quality build construction. It has a premium feel as well.

The color options are also quite bold, particularly the dark blue and the burgundy options. But for those with a preference for understated aesthetics, a silver-colored Alcantara fabric coating is available on some models.

And even though the polished aluminum lid can pick up some smudges, there is no doubt that this is a brilliantly constructed device.

Microsoft Surface Home BookPortable

Measuring 14.5 mm in thickness and weighing 2.74 pounds, the Surface is certainly no contender for the most lightweight or the thinnest device its size in the market. Even so, it is anything but cumbersome – you will not have any issues carrying it around.

So, generally speaking, the Surface scores lots of points for its premium design, exciting color options, solid construction and portability.

Good for General Users

One glaring failure in the notebook’s design is the lack of a USB-C port, whose popularity continues to grow, particularly among photographers and other professional users. Otherwise, students should find the headphone jack, a mini DisplayPort, and a USB 3.0 port available with this model more than adequate for their needs.

Some Signature

Features The Alcantara fabric coating on the palm rests and the keyboard is one of the signature design elements on the Surface pro. So, if you want people to know that you own a Surface, getting a model with this feature should accomplish that.

Premium Display

The display is a design masterpiece as well. The touch-based display is bright, sharp and responsive. Additionally, the keyboard is amply sized and the key presses comfortable to ensure an all-round satisfying use experience.

In fact, in this regard, the Surface might be better than the MacBook, whose keys are a little stiff. And with its promise of a 14.5-hour battery life, the quality of service this laptop offers is beyond decent.

Powerful Processor, Plenty of Memory Space

The most basic version of Microsoft Surface features an Intel Core i5 chip, but you can also opt for a variant featuring a Core i7 chip. RAM options are 4, 8, and 16 GB, while SSD storage options are 128, 256, and 512 GB. However, these features are available with the silver model. Other color choices come with a Core i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM.

Microsoft Surface Windows 10The Windows 10 S Software

The Microsoft Surface runs on Windows 10 S, a lighter version of Windows 10 which the company announced when launching the laptop.

Windows 10 S is a little more limiting than Windows 10. It is comparable to Chrome OS. Also, your only option as far as app downloads go is the Window’s app store, which has its fair share of downsides.

Sure, this setup might be enough for some people, but anyone looking for a full-blown OS might be a little disappointed. Your only way out of this trap is to make the switch to the full Windows 10.

In Conclusion

When it’s all said and done, the Microsoft Laptop is a premium quality device – the design, features, usability, and feel all justify its premium price. It’s just a question of deciding whether the trade off in software capabilities make it less appealing to you as you shop for a high-end laptop.

Premium Surface Repair Services

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