Can iPhone X easily shatter?

There is no doubt that iPhone X has lots of unique features that we need to talk about. Just like the latest iPhone models (iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus), it has an all-glass body. This feature means that the phone can be charged through a wireless method. As expected, you can only enjoy such eccentric features only if you are ready to part with some good amount of money. With the high price, does iPhone X guarantee you a lifetime service?

OZ Phone Repairs - iPhone X

OZ Phone Repairs - iPhone X shatteredRegardless of the price tag of iPhone X, it can still get shattered and leave you reeling in shock. “I’m careful and my iPhone will never kiss the ground.” This is what most iPhone buyers say when they are buying a delicate phone such as iPhone X. However, the statement is very far from the reality. iPhone X can get shattered just a few minutes after buying.

Various factors can make an iPhone X to get shattered. A bad fall from your pocket is enough to shatter a once elegant piece of art in a collection of shattered pieces of glasses. The quality of fabric that you are wearing and the nature of the items that you keep together with your iPhone can get it shattered. We hate seeing broken screens. In this case, the damage will not be just on the screen, it will affect the whole phone.

However, we don’t dispute the fact that iPhone X can withstand the normal wear and tear forces and come out scratchless. However, dropping it, especially if it does not have a casing will leave you with lots of regrets. It doesn’t have to be astronomical heights. According to CNET, pocket height is enough to cause immense damage to your iPhone X.

Real Experiences

The shattering stories of iPhone X are not just fictions. A good number of people have experienced them. Others have gone ahead to put these phones to test. A good number of YouTubers have gone ahead and carried out such tests. Although they have mixed results, all of them proved that iPhone X can get shattered.

One of them claims that he drop-tested the device and it shattered immediately. Many social media users also lament about it. Despite all the lamentations, Apple continues to laud iPhone X, claiming that the glass is strong and durable. The company claims that the phone is enhanced with a strengthening layer that provides a high level of protection in case the phone is at risk.

iPhone Repair Service

There is nothing that you can do with your bad-looking shattered iPhone X. Apart from not having the looks, such a phone is likely to be malfunctioning. iPhone X is quite pricey and you shouldn’t consider getting a new one. Your pocket will be badly dented. The best option is to visit us for the best iPhone repair services.

We have a team of technicians and specialists who can solve any problem on your iPhone. You can visit us for on-site repair services or send your phone to us through the mail. We can repair shattered iPhones, cracked screens, phone unlocking, liquid damage and data recovery. All you need is to contact us, and we will get back to you and repair your phone within a short time.

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To mail your phone or tablet, just use our Instant Quote Tool. If you are happy with the quote, choose the Mail In option. It does not matter where you are, we can have your phone fixed in no-time! We will ship it back to you the same day it gets fixed, using Express Post which is included in the price. We can also offer same day couriers if needed. Highest quality repair with the fastest turnaround time guaranteed. For more than 14 years, we have been fixing devices, so you can be assured your phone will be professionally repaired.