iPhone-battery-replacementRechargeable batteries such as the built-in lithium ion polymer type are subject to a limited lifespan, and eventually require to be serviced or recycled. Signs that you need an iPhone battery replacement include noticeably shorter battery life, slow charging time, or faster battery consumption wherein it has to be frequently charged. It’s typically a lot sooner than expected even when fully charged, causing trouble at the most inconvenient times!

If your iPhone us out of warranty there is no need to worry as we do high quality iPhone battery replacements.

Maybe your phone is still under warranty but you want to avoid the hassle and wait time involved with having it fixed through Apple or your phone carrier.

Oz Phone Repairs is the ultimate solution who guarantees to get it fixed impressively & quick right on the spot. Have it mailed if you prefer and get it back on the same day. You can rely on both expertise and 14 years experience that we will provide excellent service through a professionally and properly handled iPhone repair at the best price. The best part is, No Fix means No Charge, and all parts along with most repairs come with a 6 months warranty!