Lithium ion polymer batteries like the ones used in most the MacBook Pro today are reliable and last relatively longer than most other types. However, they too have a limited lifespan after which they need to be replaced. You will know that it is time for your MacBook Pro battery replacement if there is a considerable decrease in battery life, if it charges very slowly or if battery consumption increases drastically and requires you to recharge it much more often.

You could always send your MacBook Pro to be repaired by Apple or your phone carrier if it is under warranty. However, this may involve a significant waiting period. On the other hand, if your warranty has lapsed, that option will involve substantial costs.

No Fix – No Charge Policy

The other alternative available to you is to send it to us to be repaired. You can rest assured that this is safe because we offer a 1 year warranty on every battery replacement. Better still, we have a No Fix – no charge policy.