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Welcome to our express service on gadget repairs in Sydney! We at Oz Phone Repairs know how to repair all kinds of mobile phone problems, as well as other gadgets like tablets. You can personally drop off your device to our shop on Lyons Rd, Drummoyne, or let our courier service pick up and deliver the repaired device to you. We can do express iPhone repairs in Mona Vale and any location in Sydney.

Our successful mobile phone repairs are guaranteed with accuracy and quality. We have well trained technicians to handle gadget repairs.

  •      Fast repair service on Mona Vale Phone Repair
  •      Top priority for Urgent and Emergency repairs 
  •      Fix many brands of phones, including laptops & tablets

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Cracked screen? Not charging? Can’t hear anything? Liquid damage? No back light? No matter what problem you’re facing, if it can be fixed, Oz Phone Repairs will fix it in no time and for an affordable price.