Iphone RepairiPhone Repair Services Include:

The most common iPhone repairs are fixing cracked screens and dealing with damage caused by liquid. A lot of people drop their phone, and if they’re not dropping one into the toilet they’re spilling coffee on it. Recovering lost data and unlocking iPhones for international travel is popular too. Do you know what each of these things have in common, even if they require a few different skills to get the job done effectively and they’re focused on both hardware and software problems?

If you’re going to let anyone carry out iPhone repairs on your expensive and complicated handset, you need a company with experienced specialists you can trust. Oz Phone Repairs have been operating for nearly 15 years, and during that time we’ve worked on over 40,000 different phones. Not only does this mean your phone has the best chance of getting repaired, but the prices you will pay are extremely competitive and you can even mail your iPhone in if you don’t have time to visit a store.

iPhone Services

Whether you broke your touch or display, we will have your
device fixed in no time. Using the highest quality parts on the
market your device will look like before. Choose quality over
quantity. Genuine repairer you can trust with most competitive prices
in Sydney

On daily basis we help customers who went to our competitors
who couldn’t fix their phones. With more than 14 years of
experience in electronics we are the No.1 in Sydney when it
comes to liquid damage.If it can be fixed…we will fix it! More than
70% of success rate!

If you need to have your phone unlocked, we are the right
guys. Going for overseas trip or just come to visit Oz and your
phone doesn’t accept your SIM? Contact us and we will help
you in no time. Sometimes we do not even need your phone to unlock
it. All major brands :Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony.

Your phone doesn’t turn on?All your data inside? You’ve
been to your local repairer who couldn’t fix it? To us,that’s
sounds very familiar. Do not give up your hope as yet, we do
specialize in such repairs and we will try to fix your phone so you can have your data back. No Fix No fee policy! Now,
that’s worth of trying!